Where to find us




The address of the Church is 155 DREISER LOOP, Co-op City, Bronx. NY 10475.

The phone number is 718-320-0844. The web site is www.stjosephsepcbronx.org

We are in a room on the lower level of the Dreiser Loop Shopping Mall.

The BXM7 is an express bus service from Manhattan to Co-op City. The last stop on that bus is Dreiser Loop. If you choose to come by that bus, or any other of the BX buses coming to Co-op City, all you will have to do, is ride to the DREISER LOOP bus stop. When you get off, just go across to the building in front of the bus stop. Come down the stairs or use the elevator to the lower level. Our Church is the room with the RED DOOR, next to the Jewish Temple and the Circle of Christ Church.

If you choose to come by car, I suggest you plot your driving directions from your home address to the Church’s address, using map quest or any other search engine on your computer. When you arrive at Dreiser Loop, which is off CO-OP CITY BLVD,

you will see an indoor parking garage, DREISER LOOP MALL GARAGE #2. It is directly opposite the BAY PARK NURSING HOME. The address of the garage is

99 Dreiser Loop. Drive into the garage. Tell the attendant that you are going to

ST. JOSEPH’S CHURCH. He will give you two tickets, or may ask you to take a ticket from the ticket machine in front of the entrance to the garage. Leave the smaller ticket on the dashboard of your car. Bring the larger ticket with you. We will stamp it with the Church’s stamp and sign it on the back of your ticket. That will entitle you to three hours of free parking. On your way out, give the attendant the stamped and signed ticket and you will not have to pay for parking. You may park on the fourth or fifth level, on any space where there is no number over head. Take the elevator to the first level. As you exit the elevator, turn right. You will see a steel door painted black ahead of you. Exit that door. Make a right turn, walk up to the street level and you will be on Dreiser Loop. Stay on the foot path on your left. You will come to an entrance into the Shopping Mall. Go through that entrance. The sign overhead of the entrance will say:

“177 Dreiser Loop, ASSOCIATED Super Market, Community Center.”

There will be a “MISS PENNY CLEANER/LAUNDRY store on your left and an H&R BLOCK TAX OFFICE on your right. A set of steps will be ahead of you. Go down those steps and you will come to the court yard on the lower level. Make a right. Walk down that walk way; go past the DREISER LOOP POST OFFICE. Keep walking down. You will see the “FAITH IN GOD CHURCH” room, then “TWO BROTHERS SHOE REPAIR” store, then two other rooms that belong to the “CHURCH OF GOD’S CHILDREN”.

The next room, with a glass door next to the RED DOOR, is the entrance to ST. JOSEPH’S EPISCOPAL/ANGLICAN CHURCH”.

You will see our “EPISCOPAL CHURCH WELCOMES YOU” sign on the wall by the glass door. Pull the handle on the glass door and come into the Church.