Our Work

St Joseph's Episcopal/Anglican Church works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of our community and the other communities around us.


St Joseph's Episcopal/Anglican Church collects can foods, dried foods,and non- perishable foodstuff for the food pantry and soup kitchen at Grace Episcopal Church in West Farms. We also collect winter coats and warm clothing, summer clothes and shoes for the clothing store of our sister Church, St.Margaret in the south Bronx, as part of our local mission program.


We support fifty children in the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika, in Tanzania, as our global mission partners, with our diocesan program called Carpenter's Kids.

We support the children for five years through elementary school. We have completed our first five years with the children in the parish of Chahwa, our linked parish. We have opted to continue to support those who have not successfully completed elementary school and others in the parish school, for another five years, effective March 2012.



We collected clothing, shoes, non-perishable foodstuff and money, that we donated to our brothers and sisters in Haiti through the Haitian Congregation of the Good Samaritan in the Bronx, following the recent earth quake in Haiti.


We collected clothing and shoes that we donated to the victims of the Katrina disaster.


We collected shoes of all sizes for men and women, that we donated to an organization in Co-op City, that was collecting shoes for people in need.


We are a Teaching Parish. We supervise and train seminary students on Field Education Programs.

We have trained two students from General Theological Seminary

 in New York.

Each of them spent two years with us, studying the practical aspects of doing sacred ministry. One of the students came to us as a lay seminarian. She completed her two year training with us and went on to earn her Master of Divinity degree. She has been ordained a Priest and is now serving in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island.

The other student was already ordained a Priest when he came to us, but was studying for the Master of Divinity degree. He was sent to us to gain practical experience in parish ministry in an Episcopal Church, since he was not ordained in an Episcopal Church, but in an Anglican Church outside the United States of America. He has graduated with the Master of Divinity degree and is now serving in Staten Island, in the Diocese of New York.